What is it?

Here's my wild idea: a happy, hybrid coaching/consulting SERVICE that is accessible to any creative starting or growing A business.

For the artists, makers, and freelancers who are SO ready to take things up a notch (to get accepted to that dream craft fair; to reach out to your first shop for wholesale; or maybe even take the leap and finally launch your first product), but are so NOT ready to hire a professional design firm/marketing firm/copywriter/photographer/stylist/sales rep to make it happen.

Who is it for?

Those LOOKING FOR honest feedback, GUIDANCE in the right direction, helpful resources and clever ideas to take into their own hands.

As a maker-turned-business owner, I've spent a lot of time with firms and professionals on phone calls, in meetings, reading proposals, just to find that prices were way out of budget and services felt like things I could at least try to figure out on my own. (And then I usually did.)

So instead of pitching you on a suite of expensive services, I'm here to help you figure things out on your own with some really good, really practical ideas on how to do so.

How does it work?


Services are offered in an a la carte menu, grouped by topic, right in our online shop so you can get the help you want ASAP. Tiered packages and pricing were designed to suit any budget or level of need. Select services from one topic or as many as you like, mix and match to create the perfect combo for wherever your business is today.

Each package is outlined within each topic, but if you have any questions, just ask!



When you add a package to your shopping cart, you'll be prompted to provide all the details we need to help you out. You'll also be able to include notes or specific questions you might have. If we need any additional info in order to complete the assessments, we'll be in touch. 

Otherwise, you get to kick back while we get to work.



Here's the fun part. You'll receive your deliverables by email, which come filled with our observations, advice, action items and inspiration about what you can do next to make improvements. Depending on the package levels you select, you can expect this depth of coaching:

Package 01
First impressions—this is like a chat over coffee. A quick take on your work when you need some fresh eyes, some advice and a nudge in the right direction. We'll share the top three action items that we would prioritize for you to tackle.

Package 02
This is more like a long conversation at Sunday brunch, that honestly probably stretches well into afternoon. We'll compile a complete list of observations and feedback, along with the corresponding action items recommended for each point.

Package 03
Here we cover everything in Package 02, and also create a custom resource library to help you take action armed with inspiration and confidence. Depending on the topic, a resource library might include mood boards, inspiration content, links to tutorials or educational resources, sources for specific products, and other recommendations for your business.

get to work IMPLEMENTing all the ideas

Now the ideas are yours to execute.
Put it all into practice and run toward the goals you've been dreaming up.